How we started our sustainability journey?

How we started our sustainability journey?

As a team, we have been discussing how our products are manufactured. After much research, we know we need to become more  conscious of our impact on the earth.

Step One- calling ourselves out and understanding our mistake.

Step Two- Taking action

We, as a company, are now taking action by being more considerate on what we produce. For example; we will only source balloons that are  more eco friendly, which will not increase our overall carbon footprint.

Step Three- Educating Ourselves & others

We have now started this blog to give ECO tips on how to live a more conscientious life in our home and kitchen. Plus, every Friday on our instagram we will be posting eco tips on our stories. So stay tuned to this blog, subscribe to our Instagram (@also_sophiaAND every week, we will be having LIVE interviews on our Instagram with our fellow eco friendly enthusiasts. We hope you join us on keeping our Mother Earth and all that lives within safe, healthy and happy.


The team of Also Sophia

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