Pre-Ramadan Meal Prep Party


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Have you every felt like batch meal prep can be such a tedious task? The planning and the steps that batch meal prep takes is overwhelming. If you plan to meal prep prior to The Month of Ramadan, you will not only save energy during Ramadan, but you will allow your mind to be more stress free and in a state of abadah or prayer.

 If you can plan your shopping list for Eid gifts and clothing, surely you can steal a few moments to start planning out your weekly meal schedule. If you want to make this task even more fun and build community at the same time,  why not plan a Pre-Ramadan Meal Prep Party with friends?

 Now you are probably wondering, what is a Pre-Ramadan Meal Prep Party?  Or based on the name, you may have figured this one out.  Here are the steps you can take to plan your own Pre-Ramadan Meal Prep Party

  • Choose three to four meals that can be made in large batches and can then be easily frozen

 Find a group of friends or family members (1 or more) who are as motivated as you to make Ramadan as successful as possible and who are ready to start their Ramadan planning 1-2 months prior to the first day of Ramadan.

  • Using an app to help decide the date of your Pre-Ramadan Meal Prep party. Apps such as can help you choose the date and time that will work best for all participants. Block off 4 hours minimum up to 6 hours to ensure you leave enough time for socializing and potentially enjoying a few of the delicious items that will be prepared for freezing. 
  • With your participants, decide on which friend’s kitchen would work best for batch prep and cooking
  • Once a date, time and place has been scheduled, all participants have RSVPd, and menu options have been finalized,  it is now time to divide up the grocery shopping. Or perhaps one individual may volunteer to complete the grocery shopping for the Pre-Ramadan Meal Prep Party and the grocery bill will then be divided accordingly. 

And, that’s about it. Remember, it may seem overwhelming; however if you break down your tasks into these smaller steps and start early, anything can be accomplished, even batching meal prep for Ramadan 😄.


Sophia Noreen