Clear Platinum Silicone Bag - Size Medium 470ml
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Clear Platinum Silicone Wraps
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Platinum Silicone Straw
$9.97 Regular price $10.97

Bye Bye Single-Use Plastics Challenge - 01/11 to 30/11

Join Our Instagram Challenge from November 1st to November 30th - Post a photo or story using your Conscious Kitchen & Home™ product and tag @also_sophia for your chance to win your purchase + more!

Time to start reducing the use of single-use plastic in your kitchen

Try Our Silicone Wraps To Save Left Overs

You Will Love Them!
Time to start saving time in the kitchen!

Try our Platinum Silicone Bags To Steam Your Veggies!

You Will Love Them

Kristina Dapaah Steaming Marinated Veggies with the Conscious Kitchen & Home™ Platinum Silicone Bag

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We love the new line of Conscious Kitchen & Home™ products! These products will save you money, time and best of all, help you eliminate plastic from your lifestyle. Read more about the versatility of our products below.