Diyas Gift Box - Tea Light Holder - Hot Pink
Traditional Gold Diwali Table Sign
Orange Marigold Artificial Flowers

Introducing Diwali to Also Sophia

This was the time when motherhood started to grow on me and my cultural roots became more important to me than ever, with the thought that my kids should be aware of their cultural background.

Amidst the Pandemic and motherhood, it gave me an opportunity to go down the memory lane and think more closely about what Diwali as a festival meant to me. I wanted to pass on the same excitement and cultural values/awareness to my children.

Diwali, as a festive season has always been close to my heart as during the season, it always takes me back to the yesteryears with fond memories decorating the house, time well spent with families by doing various activities together like lighting diyas, decorating house and spending time with loved ones.

Meeting Sophia was simply amazing, after introducing me to her product line, it gave us an idea of including a Diwali line with beautiful handpicked not to be missed products. Finally now we get to put our vision to reality wherein we can help to bring the same positivity and give everyone something to bring to their home

Suri House will be celebrating Diwali in a totally different way from now on … or as I say with whole pomp and show !!