Gold Cursive Eid Mubarak and Ramadan Kareem Banner

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To make life a little easier our Eid and Ramadan Mubarak Banners come together in one package. When Ramadan is complete, you simply replace the word Ramadan with the word Eid! Simple and easy! 

Each package contains:

  • Eid,
  • Mubarak (in 2 separate pieces)
  • Ramadan (in 2 separate pieces)
  • Kareem (in 2 separate pieces )
  • 2 stars
  • 1 moon
  • One plastic threading needle
  • One 4-meter gold string

Words can be individually strung to customize your celebration banner. Words are cut from heavy stock shiny paper and measure 6 inches in height.

Make the holiday season easy this year InshaAllah. #BeEidReady with your Eid and Ramadan Mubarak Banner.