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Clear Platinum Silicone Bag- Size Large 1960mL

Clear Platinum Silicone Bag- Size Large 1960mL

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The Conscious Kitchen & Home Platinum Silicone Bag is the perfect kitchen tool!

Our Platinum Silicone Bags are safe for the oven, fridge, freezer, microwave, boiling water submersion, and dishwasher. The Platinum Silicon Bags are self-standing and are the perfect solution to store, meat, fruit, vegetables and so much more! 

Fast cooking solutions include steaming vegetables and baking different meats or vegetables. 


Leakproof perfect to hold liquids

Freezer to Oven Safe -40°C to 230°C

Package Contains One 1960ml Platinum Food Grade Silicone Bag with Leak-proof lock and seal technology

Please Note: Warm silicone bag should be handled with care when removing from the microwave, boiling water or, oven. Always use the extension loop to pick up a warm bag from the microwave. Use oven mitts when removing warm bag from the oven. When opening the bag, please open away from the face. Silicon bags cannot be placed on a stovetop or in a fire. Please place a silicone bag that cannot be placed directly on the oven rack. 

Please scan the QR barcode on the box when receiving your parcel to receive full instructions for safe use along with ideas on how to optimize the use of your silicone bag.  

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