Emphasizing the 5 R's

Emphasizing the 5 R's

Good morning you beautiful human beings,

This Friday we are going to be expanding on the important 5 Rs in our daily life.

  1. Refuse- Say no to single-use plastics
  2. Reduce- only buy what you need
  3. Reuse- It is time to DIY (do it yourself) repurpose and create new inventions/items/necessities
  4. Rot- composting
  5. Recycle- properly recycle glass, paper or metal that enters your life, if you are unable to do the previous 4 R's

When we refuse to refuse, we must then rethink about the importance of the item we want to buy, do we need it? Is it essential to our life?

Then when we move on, we must reduce the amount of waste we bring into the house. Our mind should adjust to the new normal on the rights and wrongs of our daily consumption. With practice and habit we train our brain, our actions will (overtime) automatically become sustainable.

Another thing we must note, is composting is very good for the environment but the reason it is number four on the list is that we should try to use all our food and raw materials, only once we can no longer use the pieces like stems or skin etc, then we must compost because 31% of our food supply usually ends up in our landfills. Food waste results in 8% of our global greenhouse gases. 


Let us all be a bit more conscientious on the amount of food we prepare, cook and consume.  

Lets cut down on food waste and overall greenhouse gases thus inevitably helping slow down climate change.

We need to make a change, to see the change.


Have an amazing day

The team at Also Sophia

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