Two Shiny Traditional Gold Banners: Ramadan Mubarak and Eid Mubarak

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So who wants to decorate their house for Eid and then you can't seem to find anything appropriate. You either have to DIY or spend a lot of $$$ to get the perfect banner. I had a mother explicitly state she wanted Eid and Ramadan Mubarak Banners. I completely understood her situation. 

To make life a little easier our Eid and Ramadan Mubarak Banners come together in one package. When Ramadan is complete, you simply replace the word Ramadan with the word Eid! Simple and easy! 

Each package contains:

  • 4 Meter String
  • Plastic needle
  • 17 shiny letters spelling the words: Eid, Ramadan, and Mubarak  


Make the holiday season easy this year InshaAllah. #BeEidReady with your Eid and Ramadan Mubarak Banner.