Also Sophia 2020 Sneak Peek Product Collection

Also Sophia 2020 Collection, Eid, Ramadan, Party decor

Oh Yes! It is time to show you all the goodies that are about to hit our online store on Sunday March 1st 2020!

But before you scroll down.. we have a few more surprises. We are in the mood to celebrate for so many reasons.... We are excited about introducing you to the My Eid™ Home Decor Collection and the My Eid™ DIY Collection...We are also very excited to launch our new website...   So as a Huge THANK You to you .. I want to celebrate with offering free shipping + 10% off on all orders but only on Sunday March day! Mark your calendar and start shopping! 

WE also have another reason to celebrate.. but you will need to sign-up for our mailing list to find out our biggest news so far 😆 !

Alright.. enough of my yammering.. please see our collection below and start shortlisting your items.. 


    Sophia noreen  Also Sophia, Eid Mubarak, Ramadan Kareem, Party Banner, Gold, My Eid Celebration Collection


My Eid Celebration Collection - Eid Balloons

Salaam, Also Sophia, Eid, Ramadan, Home Decor Collection, Party Decor, Decoration

Ramadan Mubarak Door Decoration, Also Sophia, My Eid Home Decor Collection




Eid and Ramadan My Eid Celebration Collection Decorative Paper Lanterns/ Honeycombs
Eid Home Decor, Gold, Eid Mubarak, Also Sophia Home Decor Collection
Also Sophia, Wood Moon DIY Decoration, My Eid DIY Collection
Eid Mubarak door decor, Ramadan Decor, Also Sophia
Ramadan Home Decoration, Wood, Also Sophia My Eid Home Decor Collection
Also Sophia, Eid and Ramadan Mubarak banner, balloon, cake toppers, honeycomb lanterns, Party Decoration
Mubarak Home Decor Sign, Eid, Also Sophia, My Eid Home Decor Collection



Eid Mubarak Door Decor



Ramadan Mubarak Door Hanger, Also Sophia My Eid Home Decor Collection