Ramadan Pre-Planning Check List



Yes I know.. there is so much to complete before April 24th 2020! We need to meal prep (and this is a mountain of a task).. not to mention jazz up the house so our children know that our month of Ramadan is approaching. If you are planning on hosting a Eid event or a Ramadan Iftar and dinner, you will definitely need to start your planning so you will not be overwhelmed with details. To make this Ramadan less stressful, I have made for you a Ramadan Pre-Planning CheckList. This check list is great for those who love to get a head start and enjoy the task of "getting-it-done and checking-it-off" (yes... this is one of my favorite things to do too). 


Ok.. enough of my yammering.. Click this link and get your planning started! 

Ramadan Pre-Planning Check List