Collection: Conscious Kitchen & Home Collection

The Time Is Now

We can all switch out our single-use plastics for more sustainable options. Our Conscious Kitchen & Home Collection is on a mission to help average families remove single-use plastics from their homes with better solutions.
The Conscious Kitchen & Home Collection has entered the market with Platinum Silicone bags in three sizes currently available in the colour clear. Our Platinum Silicone bags will help you remove single-use plastic bags from your home. 
The collection also includes Platinum Silicone wraps to help you replace commonly used plastic wrap and beeswax covers, both of which have a shorter shelf-life than our silicone covers 
Finally, the collection includes Premium Silicone Straws which are extremely durable. These straws are easy to clean, can be folded for on-the-go meals and should eliminate your need to use a plastic straw ever again!

Your Starter Kit! 

This kit is perfect for families who have started to transition to a plastic-free lifestyle.
Choose one of each product

Your Ultimate Kit! 

This kit is perfect for families who have been making a conscious effort to prevent the use of single-use plastics in the home.
Choose two of each product 
If you feel you need more products.. you can always add more... you know your family the best!