My Eid™ - Surprise Box

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To All of those Fabulous Parents who try so hard to make the Eid celebration very special for their little ones... I have created this product with you in mind. 

One day, I was shopping at one of our local Muslim Shops and a parent asked me specifically to create a product that would create excitement leading up to the days of Eid. She stated she was so busy, that she didn't have time to put something together in a DIY fashion. 

My Eid Suprise Box™ has been created to inspire your child ten days prior to Eid al Adhu and Eid al Fitr. Ten days prior to Eid al Adhu and Eid al Fitr, provide your child with a small surprise box and watch his/her excitement grow!!  

Each My Eid Surprise Box™ contains 10 smaller blind boxes with a surprise toy suitable for a boy or a girl, ages 4 to 10.  

I hope you enjoy each and every surprise! 




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